Launch of CODED Film Promo

CODED - Unplug Yourself

iKind Media is proud to announce the launch of the promo video for the film CODED, currently in development.

CODED is the world’s first full length, binaural audio feature film which will be directed by Matt Nefdt and produced by Richard Green and Gavin Humphrey.

CODED is set in a futuristic Durban, South Africa, where ‘seekers’ trying to escape subliminal control have turned to pleasure inducing audio drugs.

CODED is scheduled for release in Summer 2014.

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"Let's Save Africa! - Gone Wrong" Tackling Stereotypes

“Let’s Save Africa! - Gone Wrong”

It’s been a year since iKind Media’s first collaboration with SAIH - The Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund.

The result of that inaugural connection was Radi-Aid, a satirical fundraising film for a the fake charity organization, ‘Africa For Norway, that saw African celebrities coming together in song in an effort to inspire other Africans to donate their unwanted radiators to freezing Norwegians. The video was a spoof of the popular ‘Band Aid’ campaigns that began in the 80’s and aimed to point out to the world that many Charity videos portray a negative view of Africa. Radi-Aid took off online, inducing over 2 million YouTube views and raising many questions and conversations amongst the online community, some of whom were fooled into thinking the characters and actions in the video were ‘real’.

Now, iKind Media and SAIH have teamed up again to create another video, again citing the stereotypical visuals used in fundraising videos as their inspiration, and seeking to draw attention to the negative impact these videos have on the African continent.

The concept for ‘Let’s Save Africa - Gone Wrong’ was born, and one of the primary focuses of the video is the use of children in charity videos to extract sympathy, and money, from the audience.

Enter Michael, a 26 year old African actor who happens to look like a young child who attracts attention wherever he goes for that reason. Michael plays the frustrated lead character who always gets cast in the same stereotypical role of ‘poor African child’. Michael never gets a chance to show the world his real acting skills because the highly paid European directors force him to ‘ac’ like a poverty stricken African Child in order to garner sympathy from the deep pocketing european audience.

Watch the tongue-in-cheek video above and vote for your best and worst ‘stereotypical’ charity videos on the Rusty Radiator Awards website below :


KABAMBA - Adventures in Tokoloshe Gorge

Games and Entertainment - Crafted in Africa!

In this new game from iKind Games, Kabamba the wise chameleon helps Nelson guide his herd of goats safely across the treacherous Gorge so the evil Tokoloshe doesn’t eat them.

Coming to App stores September 2013!


iKind Media Facebook Page Hits 10,000 Likes


Summerhill Stud Stallion Film : Edition 2013/14

Summerhill Sires 2013/2014

Summerhill Stud CEO, Mick Goss, presents the Summerhill Sires for the 2013 / 2014 breeding season. Featured in this formidable line-up of Thoroughbred Stallion talent are Await The Dawn (Son of Giant’s Causeway), Brave Tin Soldier (Son of Storm Cat), Visionaire (Grandson of Gone West), Golden Sword (Son of High Chaparral), Mullins Bay (Son of Machiavellian), A.P. Arrow (Son of A.P. Indy), Admire Main (Son of Sunday Silence), Traffic Guard (Son of More Than Ready) and Ato (Son of Royal Academy).

This is what Mick had to say prior to Summerhill’s crowning as South Africa’s Champion Breeder for a 9th consecutive year… a record in the modern era :

“South Africa’s is about the most tightly-held Breeders’ Premiership on the planet, one which, since the beginning of recording, has been held by just six entities, and to the best of our knowledge in the pre-recording era, just one or two others have aspired to the mountaintop.

Ours though is unique for a couple of other reasons, the first of which is our locality. Since the breeding of racehorses first kicked off in the Western Cape several centuries ago, no farm on this side of the Drakensberg had ever been there until we won our first title in the 2004/2005 season. We’d been close before, agonisingly so the previous year, but winning it was a milestone not only for Summerhill, but for the fabric of racehorse production across the country. At last it put to rest the widely-held theory that you couldn’t breed a decent horse in these parts, and we have to concede, it took more than a year or two for us to believe it was true, and that is was repeatable.

The second unique feature of this championship, is that no farm has held it for eight consecutive years since the seemingly “interminable” reign of the famous Birch Brothers in the early 1980s. The title had resided with them ever since recordings began in 1947, and it was uninterrupted for 36 years. We can’t see a repeat of that in the modern era, given the depth, the power and the excellence of the opposition these days. Historically, the breeding of racehorses was the preserve of farmers, stockmen who lived on their farms, and raised horses as part of a mixed enterprise. They did so with limited means, and those that knew their stock best and applied the smartest of intuitions, climbed the mountain. These days, the world of racehorse breeding in South Africa is entirely different. It is dominated by big money and big business, people with the means to buy virtually what they want in the way of genetics, to acquire the best of land and to employ the best of management. The kind of people who used to own the farms in those days are now running them, and they have at their disposal the personnel, the equipment and all the trappings of big enterprise, at their disposal.

Summerhill stands on its own in the top half dozen studs in the land as a pure farming entity, funded through the endeavours of its people alone, and carried along by the achievements of the horses it raises. Few properties of Summerhill’s ilk finance themselves on the quality of their horsemen. These people know what they owe, and they understand the responsibility of living in the shadow of Giant’s Castle. If it does nothing else, Summerhill is a beacon for those who would want the world to be a better place, and who have hopes of one day repeating the feat.”

Director Michael Nefdt
Cinematography Devin Carter
Producer Michael Nefdt
Executive Producer Matt Nefdt
Script and Narration Mick Goss
Camera Operators Devin Carter, Matt Nefdt
Grips Marcus Hebbelmann
Makeup and Wardrobe Jules Ruby
Production Accountant Levonne Nefdt
Stallion Co-ordination Greig Muir
Project Co-ordination Amorette Kramer
Editor Devin Carter
Compositing and Animation Andrew Sutherland and Matt Nefdt
Sound Engineer Matt Nefdt
Studio Technician Andrew Sutherland
Final Audio Master Devin Carter
Photography JC Photographics, Gold Circle, Greig Muir, Leigh Willson, Gareth du Plessis, Andrew Watkins, Trevor Jones, Heather Morkel, Coolmore Australia, Ascot Racecourse, Victoria Racing Club, Dubai Racing Club, Singapore Turf Club, Press Association, Winnants Brothers, Sport Horse Data, Magic Millions, Inglis, Bloodstock South Africa, Summerhill Archives
Additional Footage Tellytrack, Andrew Bon, Dubai Racing Club, Singapore Turf Club, Racing UK, Ascot Racecourse, At The Races, Japan Racing Association, New York Racing Association, Meadowlands Race Track, Gulfstream Park Racing, Churchill Downs, RTE, Summerhill Archives
Special Thanks Xpressions Advertising & Design, Felicity Hayward, Megan Romeyn, Brian Joffe, Mike de Kock, Heather Morkel, Haydn Bam, Helen Taylor, Yuka Matsumura, Cheryl Goss, Hartford House, School of Management Excellence