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New Donald Music Video Features Exotic Durban Locations

‘Over The Moon’

Donald Moatshe may be relatively new to the music industry, but his success is taking off in a way others only dream of. This goes without saying, considering the young man’s clean-cut image and undeniable talent.

His most recent music video for the track ‘Over The Moon’, has catapulted Donald’s fresh success to a whole new level. Following on from his previous videos for the tracks ‘Denial’ and ‘I Deserve’, ‘Over The Moon’ lyrically completes a fiery love story that forms the basis of his well-received debut album, ‘Train Of Love.

This latest offering sees the artist in a variety of dreamlike landscapes searching for his one true love who seems to be just out of reach. What might just steal the show from Donald himself though are the stunning locations used throughout the storyline, which was filmed in its entirety in greater Durban, South Africa.

Legendary Johannesburg-based music video producer Bruce Patterson of Pilot Films brought the artist to Durban for a rugged three day shoot encompassing an array of intense shooting environments. Jolyon Ellis and Janine King of Outland Films directed the music video and iKind Media assisted with DOP Devin Carter heading up our tough and tech-savvy production crew.

With almost 100,000 hits on youtube and a massive amount of airplay on MTV Base, the ‘Over The Moon’ music video will help to ensure that Donald becomes South Africa’s next big star!

Production Credits

Producer Bruce Patterson Pilot Films
Directors Jolyon Ellis and Janine King Outland Films
Director of Photoraphy Devin Carter iKind Media
1st Camera Assistant Luke Mason iKind Media
Key Grip Marcus Hebbelmann iKind Media


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