iKIND MEDIA BEST CAMERA AWARD 2011 – Durban University of Technology

The inaugural iKind Media Best Camera Award for the Durban University of Technology 3rd year Video Tech student who displays outstanding camera skills was awarded to Alan Patrick at the 2011 DUT Video Technology awards evening.

The iKind Media-sponsored floating “camera”, an excuisite metal sculpture comprising welded gearbox parts, designed and created by iKind Media Production Designer and leading KwaZulu-Natal metal sculptor Clint McLean, was presented to Patrick by iKind Media Directors Matthew Nefdt and Devin Carter.

Patrick specialized in camera work in his third year at DUT and had worked as cameraman on his own projects, as well as on numerous other student productions.

When asked about his shooting methods and the challenges he faced in achieving the iKind Media Award, Patrick summarised, “For most of the productions I used a Canon EOS 550D SLR camera, using a lot of stable handheld shots. I also worked under tight time constraints on certain productions where I had to get the shot right… quickly… the first time. The most important element to understand when shooting video or film is lighting.”

Patrick is currently completing his BTech, (4th year) in Video Technology at the Durban University of Technology and is aiming to begin his career in the film industry as a freelance cameraman. His goal is to establish a solid reputation before starting his own production company specializing in camera work.

When interviewed after receiving the iKind Media Award Patrick said, “It’s an honour and privilege to have received this prestigious award. It will definitely help my portfolio.”

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