The La Els – MK Awards Best Indie NominationRemember the iKind Media-produced The La Els music video, Soulkiller, which won ‘Top Music Video’ in the 2010 Global Moguls competition and then went on to take South African TV and web channels by storm in 2011? Well so too do the powers that be at South Africa’s home-grown Music Video channel, MK, as The La Els last week received a coveted nomination for the 2012 MK Awards in the category of Best Indie.

Competition is tough in one of the most hotly contested categories which includes artists Ashtray Electric (featuring Gazelle), Yesterday’s Pupil, Dance You’re on Fire and Wrestlerish.

Watch the music videos below and head over to the MK Website, Facebook or MXit (via the MK Bot) to vote for The La Els.

MK Awards 2012 : Best Indie


Ashtray Electric ft. Gazelle – Release Watch “Release” Music Video

Yesterday’s Pupil – Too Tired To Disco, Watch “Too Tired To Disco” Music Video

Dance, You’re On Fire- Boxes Of Tigers Watch “Boxes Of Tigers” Music Video

The LA Els- Soulkiller Watch “Soulkiller” Music Video

Wrestlerish- Bodies Of Water Watch “Bodies Of Water” Music Video


Voting closes at 12:00 on 1 March 2012