Exhibition • Awards Party • Muso Mix Comp
Bat Centre • 29 September 2012

Now in its 3rd year, INTERPRET DURBAN is a platform for Durbanites to celebrate Durban; by Durban and for Durban.

2010  Marked the first year of INTERPRET DURBAN, an event inspired by our  city and its people. 3 Years later, the event has grown from being an  independent creation to becoming a public celebration supported by civic  and private groups. Regardless of this success, the aim of INTERPRET DURBAN remains true to its original intentions: to showcase the city of Durban and its people.

Each INTERPRET DURBAN event  takes a concentrated approach to shining a spotlight on Durban and her  citizens. The unique venues, artists, live music, décor and every other  aspect of the night carefully bring together and show off the best this  city has to offer.

From Colombo, the metropolis’s oldest coffee  roastery, to the splendid grandeur of our 102 year-old City Hall; each  venue is selected to serve as a symbol and a reminder of what Durban was  in contrast to the city it is now, and what it is transforming into.  This message is fuelled by the music and various creative works on  display on the night – each artwork and live performance produced and  presented by talented Durbanites.

iKind Media is a proud sponsor of the 2012 INTERPRET DURBAN MUSO MIX COMP, where the winning artist will walk away with a professional photo shoot as well as a world-class iKind Studio-produced music video; to be shot and edited in its entirety right here in Durban.