Entrepreneurs Brian Mbatha and Sihle Machi approached the iKind Media design team to create an illustration for a new T-shirt range that is set to be released in early March. The design needed to be a 1 colour print that could be adapted to the brand’s existing colours. It needed to have the same tone as their existing logo and use shapes that speak of this within the typography. The other stipulation was that the design had to work on a white shirt.

The range was dubbed the “Gold Beach Club” and needed to be a simple execution that can be read from a distance. The initial explorations utilised a chunky typeface that was complimented with a modern linocut feel. This was accentuated with a ‘tshwe tshwe’ inspired pattern that brought the typography to life.

The shirts will be going into production soon, so look out for them… and follow JoDuCa on Twitter (twitter.com/JoDuCa_SA).