Xavier Vahed is fast becoming one of Durban’s most prominent and sought-after photographers. When he’s not shooting gorgeous portraits, lecturing in the community or roaming the streets ‘photojournalist-style’, Xavier is honing his phenominal skills as a creative artist who’s work displays a fresh, unique approach not seen too often in the world of modern commercial photography. His latest project entitled ‘Tradition’ was launched last week at Kloof’s best kept secret, the Fat Tuesday Gallery.

Patrons at the well attended exhibition launch were treated to a feast of gigantic colour prints as well as a thought provoking short film produced in collaboration with iKind Media. Here’s what Xavier had to say about ‘Tradition’:

“Over the last few months, I have been thinking a great deal about weddings and the traditions that surround them. I have photographed weddings from all over the cultural spectrum; ranging from the conventional to the more adventurous. During the process I began to think about the often strange traditions which have become integral to the wedding process and in so doing, gradually invented some traditions of my own. I started to imagine a culture in which it is customary for a couple to braid their hair together on their wedding day – literally binding themselves together. The exhibition is essentially a photographic story set in the late 1960’s; capturing an ordinary weekend in the lives of a couple in their early 50’s. Although they are physically bound together, over the years they have become emotionally detached. The series aims to capture this disconnect, often using the braid itself as the dividing line between the husband and wife.”

This is the second collaboration between Xavier Vahed and iKind Media; the first being a commercial for the 2011 Trollbeads Africa Collection launch.



Xavier Vahed


Russell Grant


Xavier Vahed

Brent Freeman


Devin Carter

Jennifer McCaul

Director of Lighting

Devin Carter

Daniel Basckin

Production Manager

Sophia Basckin

Rachael Basckin


Caroline Walker

Shanelle Jewnarain

Make-up and Hair

Robyn Bowles

Special Thanks

Roxana Vahed, Rashid Vahed, Michael McCaul


Richard Lyster

Beryl McCaul, Colleen McCaul, Neil Hickson

Yolanda Hordyk