Paul Bushell #raisingkids Book

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“#raisingkids to Thrive in a Constantly Changing World”

Raising children is a big responsibility. A responsibility that many people have taken before us, all of whom have been challenged by the signs of their times. You are not alone for sometimes finding this responsibility hard and confusing.  Raising children is a wonderfully tough job.  This book looks into this future and offers over 100 fun and practical tools for you to work through with the children in your life – building their ability to deal with change and understand ‘people’ as a constant in this world. Let this be a interactive and reflective journey as your explore themes around Choice and Consequence, Empathy, Curiosity and Innovation, Resilience, Self-esteem, Assertive Communication and Tolerance.

Client: Paul Bushell Tasks: Book Design, Layout, Illustration & Drawing Website: https://www.bushell.co.za/raisingkids/