REMED- Promoting access, equity and efficiency in chronic patient care

After an exhaustive 5 month period examining and analysing 683 potential candidate companies, Microsoft South Africa unveiled four new partners in their broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) equity programme. The selected partners will benefit from the R475 million invested in Microsoft’s BBBEE programme.

The four new BBBEE partners, revealed at the end of March by the Department of Trade and Industry and Microsoft South Africa, include Pietermaritzburg/Hillcrest-based Chillisoft, which creates public health software solutions that assists in alleviating service delivery bottlenecks; Cape Town-based Maxxor, which creates consumer applications for mobile phones; security solutions specialists BUI from Johannesburg; and Durban-based Home Grown Business Integrations, which creates cloud-based software that boosts government service delivery to rural people.

The DTI welcomed Microsoft’s substantial investment and re-iterated the fact that this programme had the potential to boost transformation within the South African ICT sector.

“This is a significant step in driving BBBEE within multinational companies operating in South Africa. Microsoft is a major player in the global technology industry, and its backing will hopefully add new impetus to our vision of creating a strong home-grown South African software industry,” said Sipho Zikode, acting deputy director-general within the DTI.

iKind Media teamed up recently with Chillisoft, one of Microsoft’s four selected BBBEE partners, to create an advertising insert on Chillisoft’s ReMed software solution, purpose-built for managing the dispensing of chronic medication in the public health sector.

ReMed improves the efficiency of state pharmacies and the ability of pharmacists to provide high quality care for chronic patients and is specifically designed for use in primary and secondary public health institutions (i.e clinics, community health centres, district hospitals and provincial hospitals).

ReMed has been developed to operate within the unique constraints of the South African public health sector:

  • There is a dire shortage of pharmacists so it is critical that pharmacists are optimally productive.
  • The dispensing workload is constantly growing because of the increasing numbers of chronic and ARV patients.
  • The majority of public health institutions have a limited extent of computerization and Internet or intranet connectivity.
  • Software solutions designed for the private sector and international markets do not understand the unique challenges facing public health institutions.
  • The transition towards electronic health records begins by unlocking efficiencies through task automation and process systemisation.
  • Solving real, urgent operational problems is the best way to gain staff buy-in and ensure a successful implementation.

The ReMed insert was shot on location in various Durban and Pietermaritzburg public hospitals and clinics, including Addington and Edendale hospitals, with firsthand patient interviews. The aim whilst shooting was to not invade patient privacy, therefore an investigative journalism approach was implemented. The shooting style was minimalistic, unobtrusive and natural.

Watch the ReMed insert above or in our video gallery here.

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