Five dudes from Durban, South Africa: playing music, being kiff, feeling forever inspired by the works of Bill Murray… that pretty much sums up the City Bowl Mizers.

No surprises then that we welcome in 2013 with an ‘evolutionary’ new iKind Studio-produced music video featuring an action-packed ‘day in the life’ of a rather unusual character – ‘the missing link’ – a chimp who thinks that acting mature is for the birds.

Launched this week on the ‘revolutionary’ comedy and music website, Lechop TV, ‘Growing Old’ is making waves on the web and will be hitting commercial TV stations soon!

Shot partly on a Red One MX camera in sunny Durban SA, this upbeat, light-hearted take on life is iKind’s ninth music video collaboration with the City Bowl Mizers. Enjoy!



Alistair Heath and Devin Carter

Chimp on bed

Jacobus van Heerden


Matt Nefdt, Alistair Heath and Steve Jones

Chimp doing doughnuts

Steve Jones

Director of Photoraphy

Devin Carter

Chimp in bar

Clinton Small

Underwater Camera Operator

Ryan Logie

Chimp flipping off monkeys

Kurt Pienke

First Camera Assistant

Dylan ‘Woogy’ Marriot, Benson Schwenson, Jacobus van Heerden


Marcus Hebbelman

Actress in bed

Kirsten Holder

Production Assistants

Kurt Peinke and Shanelle Jewnerain

Chimp rider (skate)

Wes Coetzee

Chimp rider (surf)

Brandon Jackson