After some 2 years of being stored in the iKind vault, we thought now was a good time to officially release one of our earlier productions… ‘My Roommate is a Tokoloshe’ is a light-hearted, deliciously South African comedy from the mind of iKind Producer and D.O.P Devin Carter.

It tells the tale of Dirk, a typical South African white male who’s life is toppled completely upside down when he accidentally hits a Sangoma with his car whilst driving home from a party. The Sangoma (The Zulu name for a traditional healer or witchdoctor) curses Dirk with a Tokoloshe – an evil spirit from South African folklore. However, the Tokoloshe is far from the traditional version of the legend, as he proceeds to make himself an unwanted guest in Dirk’s house, with hilarious consequences.

This short film was written, produced and edited on a shoestring budget and was completed towards the end of 2010.



Devin Carter, Dirk, Brad Backhouse


Devin Carter


Stephan Bond

Director of Photography

Devin Carter, Lucky, Jake Rosenburg

Director of Lighting

Devin Carter


Similo Gobingca


Devin Carter, Dr Mandla, Blessing Majola

Art Director

Shanelle Jewnarain, Mandy, Gina Hutton

Production Designer

Shanelle Jewnarain

Freaked Out Guy

Mark Edwards

Camera, Lighting and Sound Assistant

Marcus Hebbelmann

Girl in Office

Shanelle Jewnarain


Devin Carter

Guy at Party

Marcus Hebbelmann


Apollo Gundani