The new 2012 Nissan Juke Sport Crossover was launched in KwaZulu-Natal this past weekend at a mesmerizing spectacle at Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Umhlanga, Durban. The launch was a South African “first of its kind” that attracted huge crowds; the wide-eyed and curious as well as the tech savvy.

As cutting edge, funky and new age as the Nissan Juke is; so too would the launch strategy demand something special. In fact at the launch, the actual vehicle was absent. The expectant crowd was presented with an empty launch pad where the vehicle should have been. Empty. But here comes the kicker… aim your iPad at the launch pad, and… hello… welcome “Augmented Reality (AR)”.

Augmented Reality?… a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real world environment whose elements are augmented by computer generated sensory inputs such as sound, video and graphics. The viewer’s “perception of reality” is strategically altered and enhanced via handheld portals such as one’s iPad. In essence Virtual Reality replaces the real world, and before your very eyes, the Nissan Juke appears.

The entire Nissan Juke Activation launch resembled a scene from the year 2037 with holographic displays of futuristic 3D animation sequences; projected in unparalleled colour and definition onto the walls and floors. An added dimension to this surreal experience was the clever inclusion of Flash Mobs infiltration.

iKind Media was there to capture the Nissan Juke experience for innovative Joburg based Advertising Agency, Global Mouse… watch the insert above.

An intelligent launch for an intelligent car… the future is here.

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