If you thought accountants were dull, boring number crunchers, focussed solely on income, expenses, financial statements and tax returns, more often than not you’d be right. But KwaZulu-Natal based Graemor is not your ‘typical’ accounting firm, they’re so much more. With branches in Howick, Pietermaritzburg and Durban, this firm of professional lifestyle accountants offers an innovative, dynamic and diverse range of essential business products and services; from accounting and tax to business coaching. The Graemor slogan ‘Leaders in Business Growth’ is apt in that the Graemor team not only focuses on the day to day accounting needs of a business but also places huge emphasis on the development, long-term growth and sustainability of a business, its staff, management and ownership.

CEO Yvonne Reece is an inspirational businesswoman; extremely motivated, focused and service-driven. Her attitude to life and business filters throughout the entire organization delivering to clients the elements required for the successful functioning of their businesses. As a young woman some 20 years ago, Yvonne Reese purchased the then start-up accounting business, and has spearheaded the organization to new heights since. Last month saw Graemor celebrate their 40th year in operation heralding in an opportunity for the Graemor brand to ‘rethink, rework and revive’… that’s where iKind comes in.

iKind Media was tasked with a complete Graemor rebrand; from logo design to printed stationery, electronic documentation, signage and vehicle branding, to the design and development of a new HTML5 responsive website and the production of a long-form commercial. For the purpose of this post though, we’ll be highlighting the long-form commercial which tells the inspirational story of a humble carpenter and his personal journey; touching on the challenges, hardships and rewards of establishing and running a small business.

To play the role of the carpenter, we turned to long-time friend Paul Figuera; a passionate, dedicated and extremely talented Durban-based carpenter who slipped into the role with ease. Have a look at Paul’s website here (www.wooder.co.za) for an insight into his craft. The balance of the acting ensemble included up and coming actor and filmmaker, Derek de Froberville, who turned out a crucial performance as a devious business partner, iKind Group Accounting Manager Levonne Nefdt who brought her acting talents to the fore in playing the role of the Carpenter’s loving and supportive wife and Yvonne Reece playing herself as the Graemor Business Advisor, showing that her skills reach far beyond the realms of the boardroom table!

Screened at the Graemor 40th birthday celebration held at the Protea Hilton Hotel last month, the commercial was a resounding success, sending home the message that with Graemor on your team, your business and personal goals can be achieved. Watch the video above and visit the new Graemor website for more information.


Devin Carter, Clint McLean


Paul Figuera

Executive Producers

Matt Nefdt, Michael Nefdt

Carpenter’s Wife

Levonne Nefdt

Line Producer

Clint Mclean

Carpenter’s Son

Nate Nefdt


Devin Carter

Shrewd Businessman

Derek de Froberville


Shanelle Jewnarain

Graemor Business Advisor

Yvonne Reece

Production Assistants

Allistair Heath, Shanelle Jewnarain,

Xavier Vahed, Stathi Kougianos

Pregnant Couple

Terrance Talbot, Courtney Talbot

Titles and Graphics

Stathi Kougianos

Workshop Employees

Allistair Heath, Chris Shozi


Devin Carter


Shanelle Jewnarain, Xavier Vahed,

Greg Howard, Liezel Chapel

Music Arrangemement

Devin Carter