If you’re into sci-fi movies, CGI and helicopters, you’ll love the latest collaboration between iKind Media and super-cool ad agency Public Address. The new high-impact commercial was made for Heavy Commercial Vehicle monitoring and insurance specialists iTruck, and is now flighting on various local television stations including DSTV channels Supersport, National Geographic, Movie Magic, MNET and BBC Knowledge.

Working with a concept inspired by the futuristic movies of the likes of ‘Tron’ and ‘Minority Report’ is no easy feat. The opening shot of the video required an aerial view of a city street following a moving truck. A very nervous iKind Director and cameraman caught an early morning helicopter flight armed with a few cameras and a Tyler Mini Gyro stabilizing mount. The breathtaking shot was captured flying down Durban’s own West (Dr Pixley KaSeme) Street at 6 in the morning.

Apart from the array of action packed Michael Bay-esq truck shots, the ad also features scenes in a futuristic control room where a team of professional co-ordinators monitor the progress of clients’ vehicles on hi-tech holographic displays. The scenes were all shot completely on green screen in the “new studio” at iKind Media Headquarters in Glenwood, Durban.

To fully understand what goes into creating a final visual from the raw green screen footage, we’ve uploaded some before and after stills of individual shots from the ad. There’s a slider which you can move across the image to see what elements are added (and removed) in each frame. The post-production process is the most difficult and demanding aspect of making a commercial like this one. A talented crew of dedicated post-production professionals spent many full days and long nights strung out on energy drinks to ensure the commercial was completed to specification and on time.

iTruck Commercial Credits
Director Matt Nefdt Post Production Management Matt Nefdt
Director Of Photography Devin Carter Post Production Hardware / Software COA Group
Producer Clint Mclean 3D Modeling and Tracking Dane Badenhorst
Creative Director Rein Van De Wall Graphics and Animation Andrew Sutherland
Art Director Clint McLean Visual Effects Matt Nefdt
Production Accountant Alan Grove, Michael Nefdt Sound Design Andrew Sutherland
Production Co-ordinator Clint McLean, Levonne Nefdt Editing Devin Carter
Production Designer Rein Van De Wall Keying and Compositing Luan Davis
Location Co-ordinator Leigh Vermaak Final Compositing Matt Nefdt
Casting Co-ordinator Leigh Vermaak Behind The Scenes Videography Martin Barrios, Alistair Heath
Makeup and Hair Aldytha Wheeler Behind The Scenes Photography Shanelle Jewnarain
Costume Supervisor Ariane Ferguson General Foreman Mike Shozi
2nd Unit Camera Sarah Dawson, Marcus Hebbelmann Construction Assistant Dumisani Thethyayo
Focus Puller Luke Mason
Key Grip Marcus Hebbelmann
Jib Assistant Martin Barrios, Alistair Heath
Rigging and Construction Matt Nefdt, Andrew Sutherland, Devin Carter,
Luke Mason, Marcus Hebbelmann, Alistair Heath
Cast Alan Grove, Levonne Nefdt,
Juan Pablo Barrios, Jane Alexander