In 1976, a young Danish silversmith, Søren Nielson, created a small silver orb with delicate faces sculpted onto it. His creation was the birth of “Trollbeads”, and since then, these eye-catching little ornaments have spread to over 40 countries across the world. Each hand-crafted bead has its own story; drawing inspiration from mythology, astrology, fairy-tales, culture and society. Every bead is different and each one features immaculate craftsmanship and creative design.

The Trollbeads world tour takes the magic of Trollbeads to a new country every month, where local retailers and Trollbeads friends introduce four new beads exploring the history, culture and charm of that corner of the globe. The four beads from that country are exclusive to their homeland.

March is now the month for South Africa, and iKind Media Videographer, Devin Carter, teamed up with the hugely talented Durban Photographer, Xavier Vahed, to create an exciting new promotional video for South Africa’s own collection. The small crew braved a week of deviant weather with numerous setbacks on remote locations, but spirits were always high and eventually the team managed to put together a video that we feel captures the breathtaking beauty of Africa, the wonderful nature of her people and spirit of Trollbeads.

Watch the Trollbeads Africa Collection above and click the thumbnails below to enlarge a few “Behind The Scenes” photos.


Special Thanks

Zwelisha Giampietri,  Phezulu Lodge Assagay, Hillbilly’s Restaurant Assagay, , Oro Bello Jewellery Store Gateway


Xavier Vahed,

Director Of Photography

Devin Carter, Seham Areff

Production Assistant

Shanelle Jewnarain, Zama Khuzwayo

Set Photography

Shanelle Jewnarain, Chelsea Hill


Devin Carter


“Siki Siki” from the album “Home” by Hot Water

Production Company

Xavier Vahed Photography